Homeowners Missing Out on Disclosing Green Certifications when Selling their Home by 10%

CHICAGO, Jan. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — First, let’s dispel the myth of ‘Green’ homes- in construction, ‘green’ actually just means ‘well-built’. The green certifications are earned by homebuilders incorporate checklists and performance testing to ensure a home will be comfortable, healthy, durable, and low-cost. It turns out that homebuyers are willing to pay more for proof of those benefits – 10% more, on average. No recycled countertops or bamboo carpets needed.
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Real studies have proven countless times that in the U.S., homebuyers paid 10-14% more for homes with green certifications over comparable homes.

The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) across the country are excited about this new avenue for added value in property sales, and over 180 of the 850 MLS sites (run by only 12 companies) now incorporate ‘green features’. Take a look at an MLS listing from any metropolitan area, and you’ll probably see features like ‘HERS Rating’ or ‘Green Certifications’ on the front page. Problem is: they’re usually blank.

The Illinois Association of Energy Raters & Home Performance Professionals (IAER) finds that most real estate agents are in the dark about 'green disclosure' features found in many property listing services.
The Illinois Association of Energy Raters & Home Performance Professionals (IAER) finds that most real estate agents are in the dark about ‘green disclosure’ features found in many property listing services.

Realtors and real estate agents are widely untrained in how to use home performance features, so even if your home has some great ones, you won’t see any financial benefit when you sell.

“Home Improvement Consulting is the best way to phrase it for existing homes,” says Corbett Lunsford, Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Energy Raters. “In new homes, we can deliver quality control of the construction process, which is something that’s sorely needed in today’s rushed, underfunded, overhyped home industry.”

Home certifications generally include ENERGY STAR Home Certification, which is a brand recognized by over 80% of Americans. Verifying a home meets ENERGY STAR quality can only be done by a HERS Rater (which stands for Home Energy Rating System), and a list of these professionals in the Midwest can be found at http://www.mwhpa.orgg.

Before you prepare to sell or buy a home, get a home performance analysis (aka energy audit) to earn a better position at the negotiating table, and to prove what the house is really worth. See a five-minute video showing how to use the Green MLS at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddnft2zx5p4


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