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So what is it? Toyota or the GM plug-in plus hybrids?

As written in Bloomberg in August of even 2007, Toyota touted their plugin hybrid electric car only goes 20ish miles all electric. Whereas GM plans to go 40ish miles all EV. Here is a segment of that article by Jeff Green and Alan Ohnsman.

Toyota Motor Corp.’s “Toyota Plug-in Hybrid

Aug. 3 (Bloomberg) — Toyota Motor Corp.’s plug-in electric car may have less than half the range of a competing vehicle planned by General Motors Corp.  For people with knowledge of both companies’ development programs said.

GM wants its Chevrolet Volt to travel at least 40 miles after being charged at a normal household outlet. All the while the Toyota model may go no more than 20 miles on a single charge. The sources asked not to be identified because details of the plans are still secret.

Beating Toyota

Beating Toyota in new technology like rechargeable vehicles is part of Chief Executive Officer Rick Wagoner’s plan. All to show GM can compete with the Japanese automaker. Toyota is poised to surpass GM as the largest automaker this year. For that’s helped by fuel-efficient cars such as the Prius. Now known most noteworthy as the world’s top-selling hybrid.

Source of the original story was Bloomberg

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