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This Solar LED lantern is touted as the world’s most inexpensive yet high-quality solar LED light.  It’s sold in 15 other countries; now being sold to American consumers and online for the first time!!

Solar light led lantern

How bright can a little LED light-chip get?

Pretty bright! This small Solar Light illuminates an average sized room sufficiently.

Also No light bulb needed

The light-chip emits from an LED invented by Shuji Nakamura. For the recipient for the 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics. All for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes. Those which has enabled bright and also energy-saving white light sources

Mostly made with durable, recycled plastics which makes this solar light super lightweight at only 3 oz!

No batteries required

All solar powered.

The solar panel provides 5 hours of light in its brightest mode. As well as 8 hours of light under its normal mode. Especially after one day charging under the sun.

Light solar led lamp

This is also a great light to have in your:

1.emergency kits
2. tool boxes
3. vehicles
4. camping gear
And more!!

Unlike other battery-operated flashlights, you don’t need to worry about your batteries going dead during storage. It’ll only need the sun when you are ready to use it.

Buy from us to support a cause;

There are 1.4 billion people who have to live off the electrical grid everyday. Your purchase would contribute proceeds to a charity that supports the use of life-changing solar technology for rural villagers in the developing world.

  • Handmade by rural villagers in India, Kenya and Ghana by a socially-driven solar energy company: your purchase helps create jobs and boost a local economy in a poor country.

In 2006, THRIVE was awarded the World Bank’s Development Marketplace award for its energy empowerment model.


This is a great gift for everyone who needs to resupply their emergency kits.

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