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NEW YORK, N.Y., Mar. 10 /CSRwire/ – Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE:TWC) has announced that its “Go Green” initiative has resulted in a 38 percent reduction in the company’s carbon intensity over the past two years, far exceeding its goal of a 15 percent reduction set in 2012.

Time Warner Cable is going green time by reducing its carbon intensity. Especially by focusing on increased energy efficiency and improved waste and vehicle management. Thereby promoting sustainability within its supply chain. Finally and building employee “Green Teams” around the country.

Rob Marcus, Chairman and CEO of Time Warner Cable, said, “Our Go Green efforts are reflective of Time Warner Cable’s commitment to policies and programs that use fewer natural resources and promote environmental sustainability. I’m incredibly proud of our employees for their work in helping us greatly exceed our goal, and applaud our Green Teams for the leadership roles they play in ensuring that Time Warner Cable does its part to protect the environment for future generations.”

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency was one of the largest efforts targeting a reduction in Time Warner Cable’s carbon intensity. The company finalized its real estate and facilities guidelines based on the U.S. Green ENERGY STAR standards, which has led to implementation of environment-friendly practices at company facilities throughout the country. Three facilities and data centers, including two in Charlotte, N.C. and one in Herndon, Va., achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Other locations in Charlotte and Colorado are pursuing LEED certifications. Time Warner Cable also achieved a 14.7 percent increase from 2012 fuel efficiency. That’s within its fleet of 20,000 vehicles by purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles.

Time Warner Cable promotes sustainability within its supply chain. In addition, in 2014, more than 50 percent of all suppliers and vendors were screened. For that’s using environmental criteria. More than 20 percent of total office supply spend is on green products and new systems are in place to increase green spending.

USEPA New Step Top Boxes

The company also achieved the goal of having at least 90 percent of all new set-top boxes meet U.S. EPA Energy Star 3.0 efficiency standards.

Green Teams

In 2014, the company introduced employee “Green Teams”. Especially to help more employees get involved. Moreover in the company’s “Go Green” time on their efforts. Employees in 15 teams around the country. For they raise environmental awareness and also help create operational efficiencies. Finally and support local environmental organizations.

More details on Time Warner Cable’s “Go Green” progress are available in an issue brief posted on the company’s website.

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Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE:TWC)
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