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Nacho Cano Composes an Anthem for Formula E

Spanish composer and producer, Nacho Cano, has composed an anthem. That’s for the electric-powered, FIA-sanctioned Championship. So my favorite: Formula E.

This marks the first time a global sports series has had its own bespoke anthem.

Creating Something Unique

Cano has created a unique anthem. One that is intended to be the sound of the future. Thereby capturing the spirit and energy of Formula E and its global fan base. With its thrumming electric beat and modern sound. So the anthem is an exciting and memorable piece of music.

The Perfect Blend of Music and Motorsports

The anthem was produced by mixing Cano’s own compositions with Formula E’s sound effects and audio from the races. This blend of traditional music and modern motorsports creates a truly unique and powerful sound.

The Impact of the Anthem

The anthem has been received with great enthusiasm by both Formula E’s fans and the motorsports community. It has become a rallying cry for fans and a way for them to connect with the sport and show their support for the teams and drivers.


Nacho Cano’s anthem for Formula E is a unique and powerful piece of music that captures the spirit and energy of the electric-powered, FIA-sanctioned championship. With its thrumming electric beat and modern sound, it has become a rallying cry for fans and a way for them to show their support.

About Nacho Cano

With more than 25 million albums sold in his career with musical group Mecano, the best-selling group in Spanish pop history, Cano has in recent years achieved success through his collaborations with other artists.


LONDON, UK (February 27 2015)

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