Organic Flowers for flowering for in Spring

With an organic spring here and gone or just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how we can take advantage of the opportunity to get growing. Organic flowers instantly make any home look and feel better.

However, do you actually know when the perfect time is to bloom those flowers?

Hence, our friends over at FTD have made the ultimate flowering calendar. This will help you work out which flowers you can grow year round and optimize their chance of blooming. For example, a Japanese Camellia will bloom anytime between January and March. These flowers were originally native to East Asia and can grow up to around 12 feet tall.

Also, this flower was traditionally believed to rid the body of evil spirits and will usually bloom between the months of July to October. The equally awesome named Showy Lady Slipper, which is Minnesota’s state flower, will be expected to bloom between May-July.

Therefore, this handy reference guide will be a staple use for any green flowers for flowering lover. This’ll help them want to get started with their very own flower garden. Best part is this garden will bloom throughout the year.

FTD flowering guide

Flowering color calendar [Infographic] by the team at

Aster Description: Love and Patience, Greek word for “star,” same word in other languages such as Swedish, Spanish, French, and Dutch Occasion.

I’m sorry Gerbera Daisy Description:

Innocence, Purity, and Cheerfulness Occasion: Baby Shower

Orchid Description: Beauty, Luxury, Fertility Occasion: Engagement or Expecting Sunflower Description: Happiness, Growth, Loyalty Occasion: Birthday Lily Description: Majesty and purity Occasion: Sympathy, Condolences Daffodil: Description: New beginnings, Rebirth, Spring Season Occasion: Wedding, New Relationship Gladiolus Description: Strength, Courage; Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword Occasion: Get well Hydrangea Description: Heartfelt gratitude or other emotion, Greek “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel Occasion: Thank you

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  1. i’d like something like this for the Southern Hemisphere 🙂 Autumn here now and my garden is shaking off the hot summer.

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