Staples wins Energy Star Energy Efficiency Award

Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

The EPA is awarding Staples with the 2015 Energy Star® Partner Of The Year. This is the fifth consecutive year Staples has won an award by USEPA for sustainable leadership.

Energy Star Partner of the Year AwardStaples has been in on ENERGY STAR since 2001. They’ll now be honored for its long-term commitment to energy efficiency.

Bottom line, Staples certified 625 buildings, and recertified 225 buildings back in 2014 just to be sure they were getting all the green savings . Staples committed to cut energy use 25% by 2020. Then this would be complimented by cutting emissions 50% by 2025.


To date, Staples reached a 11.3% cut in energy use since 2001.  This also includes buying green power totaling 18 million kWh from solar power.

“Staples truly values our partnership with ENERGY STAR,” said Bob Valair, Director of Energy and Environmental Management.”It’s exciting to see the impact we’ve made through energy efficiency in our portfolio of buildings and we remain committed to continuing our work to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment.”

“Through their sustained participation with ENERGY STAR, Staples is helping Americans save money, save energy, and do their part to reduce our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions that fuel climate change,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “I applaud Staples for earning EPA’s highest ENERGY STAR award, the 2015 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award, demonstrating a strong commitment to energy efficiency and to preserving a healthy planet for future generations.”

The 2015 Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Awards are given to a variety of organizations to recognize their contributions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through superior energy efficiency achievements. These winners have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by setting and achieving aggressive goals, and employing innovative energy efficiency approaches. These awards recognize ongoing leadership across the ENERGY STAR program, including energy-efficient products, services, new homes, and buildings in the commercial, industrial, and public sectors.

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