The EPA is awarding Staples with the 2015 Energy Star® Partner Of The Year. This is also the fifth consecutive year Staples has won an award by USEPA for sustainable leadership.

Energy Star Partner of the Year Award

Staples recently achieved the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR® award for exceptional energy efficiency. The award is also an acknowledgment of the company’s continuous commitment. Especially to energy-saving initiatives and sustainability.


First of all, ENERGY STAR is an international program. One that is also dedicated to helping individuals. Furthermore businesses, and organizations. Those that make better energy decisions. It is run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and also the U.S. Department of Energy. The program awards businesses that demonstrate superior energy efficiency practices and products with the ENERGY STAR label.

How Does Staples Meet the ENERGY STAR Criteria?

Staples has taken many steps to reduce energy consumption in its stores and offices. For example, the company has implemented energy-efficient lighting, installed occupancy sensors, and implemented an extensive building envelope retrofit program. These efforts have resulted in a 14 percent reduction in energy consumption in its stores.

In addition, Staples has implemented a comprehensive energy management program across its entire business. This program has helped to reduce energy use by an average of 6 percent per year. The company has also introduced an energy audit program to help identify and resolve energy-related issues. The program helps Staples identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved, such as lighting, HVAC systems, and air compressors.

Staples’ commitment to energy efficiency has paid off. The company has achieved a total energy reduction of 19 percent since 2012 and earned the ENERGY STAR award for its impressive energy efficiency efforts.


Staples’ commitment to energy efficiency and sustainability has been recognized with the ENERGY STAR award for exceptional energy efficiency. The company has implemented an energy management program, energy audits, and energy-efficient building retrofits, resulting in an impressive 19 percent reduction in energy use since 2012.

These efforts demonstrate that even large businesses can take steps towards energy efficiency and sustainability. With the help of programs like ENERGY STAR, businesses can help reduce energy use and their environmental impact. [Source



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