Castelfalfi is being developed in line with the latest environmental considerations – the resources and techniques applied to ensure the estate are as environmentally sensitive as possible. For example, 64% of the required energy will be supplied by renewable resources, while 96% of the water will be supplied by conditioned rain water collected on the property. Drinking water comes from cleansed ground water and the overall planned level of consumption will be reduced by measures such as rain water flushing of WCs and water saving fittings.

Carbon emission from transport will be kept to a minimum around the estate with a shuttle bus service operated between key amenities when the total development is finished. Cars are not allowed in the Borgo apart from pick-up/drop-off and designated parking spaces are provided for owners.

AlsoToscana Resort Catelfalfi launches sustainable tourism in "wild" Tuscany, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi has chosen a FSC C084348 certified company to produce its paper promotional material. FSC Certification is a virtuous and transparent way to guarantee a careful use of forests and plantations. By choosing and buying FSC certified products, Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is committed to a more sustainable use of our forests, in order to personally contribute to the development of ethic, conscious and virtuous system.

Tuscany is a dream landscape for hiking and biking with miles of beautifully scenic on-and off-road routes. Castelfalfi is well-situated as a base for day trips around the region. The estate itself has about 75 miles of walking paths and nearby there is an extended network of hiking and mountain biking paths. The property’s hotel concierge can provide suggested mapped routes, including the famous strade bianche or ‘white roads’ (unpaved routes) that crisscross the region, winding through some of Tuscany’s hillier terrain.

ThereToscana Resort Catelfalfi launches sustainable tourism in "wild" Tuscany are also guided and self-guided rides with local cycling operator Ride Montaione that depart from the neighboring town of Montaione. And the hilltop town of Lucca, about an hour away, offers bike rentals for a family friendly ride along the city wall.

Horseback rides are another great way to explore the Montaione region. The incredible diversity of the landscapes offers riders a unique seat to take in the views of the winding trails through the woods, villages and Chianti vineyards. The nearby Il Gelsomino Ranch offers western-style guided rides and all skill levels can be catered to from beginner to expert. Horses also can be brought to Castelfalfi to enjoy a ride around the estate.

Toscana Resort Castelfalfi is an 800-year old medieval hamlet in Tuscany lovingly being restored and developed to welcome visitors by its present owner, TUI AG, the world’s biggest tourism company. The Toscana Resort Castelfalfi project started in 2007 following a decades’ long migration of its inhabitants in the ‘60s, when locals moved to bigger cities for work. Only five inhabitants were living on the estate when TUI AG purchased the property. Castelfalfi covers more than 2,700 acres of vineyards, olive groves, woods, and lakes.

Source: Castlefalfi