BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW i Remote app.

World premiere:

Apple Watch controls functions of BMW i models.

BMW i3 Electric Car steering wheel
BMW i3 Electric Car steering wheel

BMW is pressing its claim to automotive brand leadership in the world of mobile vehicle connectivity through its BMW ConnectedDrive technology. As the BMW i Remote app confirms, nowhere else is the link-up of driver, car and outside world raised to such an advanced level.

The app can already be used to remotely check and control functions of BMW i models. It is an application that customers will also be able to use from day one on the new Apple Watch, due for imminent release. Apple Watch uses the BMW i Remote app. One which can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes Store. All to keep users updated on the car’s current battery status.

BMW i watch

For example, alert them when the high-voltage unit is fully charged. In addition, Apple Watch can continue the navigation instructions from the BMW i3 to the user’s final destination. Especially after the car has been parked as well as guiding them back to the car if required. And it also allows the interior temperature to be pre-conditioned. The new smartwatch features an innovative glance screen. That’s for applications which groups together the most important information provided by the app. All so that it can be viewed at a single glance. As well as the car’s battery charge, the available range and the timing of updates. That’s the glance screen also shows BMW i Remote app users whether the car doors are locked.

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