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LED light bulb

will talk heavily about the new Kobi K1N6 directional A21 LED light bulb. This 20-watt LED efficiently replaces a higher 125-watt incandescent light bulb.


As on 1000bulbs.com:

Fully committed to the energy-saving capabilities of LED technology, Kobi Electric is a U.S.-based lighting manufacturer that stocks LED bulbs, fixtures and retrofit products. The company strives to provide high-quality lighting that is affordable to consumers and caters to many different markets, including residential, education, hospitality, warehouses and healthcare. Kobi Electric prides itself on combining trusted products with exceptional customer service. Kobi stands by its LED products 100 percent. Because of this, all Kobi lighting products come with a five-year, full replacement warranty. Safety is important to the company in that its products are mercury and lead free.

All of Kobi Electric’s LED products are designed and tested in Fort Worth, Texas, where the company is headquartered. From under-cabinet fixtures designed for the kitchen, office, or workspace, to outdoor bulbs designed to create a secure and welcoming home, Kobi offers it all. The company even offers LED tubes, which are a superior alternative to fluorescent lighting. These tubes can have a lifespan up to 50,000 hours, they offer great energy-savings and are better overall for the environment.

Many of Kobi’s bulbs boast an 80-percent better efficiency rate than their equivalents and are UV and IR free. Many bulbs, such as the Outdoor PAR38 Colors, also have the option of being dimmable when used with an approved dimming switch. This is possible for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Kobi’s full range of products offers retrofits and new installations for all light installations. From traditional residential bulbs, to retrofit fixtures and downlights. Also Kobi’s range of LED choices will fit any application.

However, it really does more.

You see this 125 watt light emitting diode bulb replaces two.

It’s shaped like a typical a perfect bulb you screw in a lamp or buy in your local store. So given that this can replace two bulbs in a home: imagine what it can do for governments, hotels, business buildings or hospitals.

Here are the rest of the specifications for the bulb from 1000bulbs.com.

Compliant with RoHS standards, containing no toxic lead or mercury and is UV- and IR-free

Built from durable, shatter-proof plastic with no filament, able to withstand vibration

UL rated for damp locations, perfect for indoor and outdoor applications

Endorsed by a 5-year warranty and provides 25,000 hours of operation

Emits a delightful 2700K, warm white light at a 120-degree beam angle

Dimmable with designated Lutron and Cooper dimmer switches
Lights instantly to full brightness, no need for warm up

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