Cree Joins Soccer Star Abby Wambach to Light a Better Way

In celebration of the 2015 Women’s World Cup, LED innovator, Cree, Inc. teamed up with one of the most influential game changers of today:

Abby Wambach


To recognize the importance of determination, innovation and performance on and off the field.

Cree, a champion for achieving a better light experience for all, sees Abby as a natural fit to help the company champion their belief that good enough is simply not enough.

To kick-off the new #Create with Cree campaign, Cree debuts a new Wambach-featured video that ignites the alignment of the two powerful missions: Abby’s winning a championship and Cree’s to eliminate bad light on the way to 100 percent LED adoption.

Through this initiative, Cree and Abby will recognize and celebrate those who never stop challenging the status quo and accept nothing but victory.

“Cree’s mission complements my own commitment to achieve team greatness and accomplish together what others may have thought impossible,” said Wambach.

As part of the campaign, Cree debuts a new Wambach-featured video that exemplifies the alignment of the two missions: Abby’s wanting to win the championship and Cree’s to eliminate bad light on the way to 100 percent LED adoption.

As Wambach leads her team in the worldwide soccer competition, fans can follow her journey and join Cree’s #CreatewithCree campaign by engaging with dynamic footage and social conversation. Off the field, Cree will also help outfit Wambach’s newly renovated house with a suite of Cree’s industry-leading LED lighting products for improved aesthetics and energy efficiency – bringing game-changing experiences to her home this fall.

“Abby embodies a potent combination of determination and innovation that is well-aligned with Cree’s own culture,” said Betty Noonan, Cree chief marketing officer. “She personifies dedication to breaking barriers, whether it is in sports or obsoleting inferior light. She is a natural fit to help us champion our belief that good enough is simply not enough.”

One of the original pioneers of LED technology, Cree relentlessly innovates to provide consumers with better life experiences in their home, at work, and in their everyday lives through light. Cree’s LED components helped ignite the use of LED lighting in new applications like professional sports stadiums, now illuminating some of the world’s largest sporting events across the country – like the 2015 Super Bowl.

Visit to see how Cree and Abby are teaming up to #CreateWithCree and join the conversation on Twitter via @Cree and @CreeBulb.

The video was created with Cree’s vision paired with the creative direction of longstanding advertising team, Baldwin& based in Raleigh, N.C.

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