The Wall Street Journal recently reported a $40 Billion financing gap. That’s to reach internationally agreed targets. All to combat global warming. As the International climate finance talks commence this December in Paris. For then Georgist, professor at the NYC Henry George School. In addition, economic activist Scott Baker. For they point to an older solution. One that is also a tried and true financing solution. One that can be used to help mitigate climate change.

For it’s called : Land Value Tax.
Let's finance a land value tax and finance

Here’s a recent article posted by The International Union for Land Value Taxation. For it’s one that sums it up. All for the way Land Value Tax could accomplish this. 

For we can tax carbon. All the while untaxing renewable energy technology. For that can be a major driver in the mitigation of climate change. Socializing commons rent. All the while untaxing production. For that best enables affordable housing for all. Especially capacity to finance infrastructure, poverty eradication and infill development. All for compact, walkable and energy efficient, breathable and livable cities. This public finance approach mobilizes both public and private sector resources. That’s by properly harnessing the incentives of taxation policy and eliminating our financing gap.


The state of the earth now requires that all costs. Cost especially of industrial production and human commercial activity. I mean no longer can it be externalized. For that’s onto the local ir global commons. All for the policy of charging fees for use of land sites (aka land value taxation). Then it can also be extended to include other natural resources. Moreover, in the form of “green” taxes. For that alone can mitigate emissions. I mean emissions in the air, water and also the soil. Then fees can also be imposed according to intensity of use.

Ecological economics research and data indicate the true cost pricing. All of natural resource use. Moreover and capturing that cost via ecotaxes. Finally and then resource rental charges. For they would be sufficient. Then you can eliminate taxes. That’s on labour and productive, sustainable capital. Thus full incentives are harnessed addressing climate change and eliminating the financing gap.

Encourage Green Technologies

Most importantly and encourage green technology. Which are called untax “goods”.

I mean don’t you love things which spur innovation? For I surely do!

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