New Prince Ea video “Man vs Earth” Released

Earlier this year Prince Ea traveled to Wildlife Works’ REDD+ projects in Kenya and the DRC and was inspired to produce Dear Future Generations: well then that went viral and so far garnered more that 97 million views on Facebook.

This video created more awareness about the connection between climate change and the destruction of forests than anything else in history.

Gerald Prolman, head of the organization told me:

Following this success, I am very pleased announce the launch of Prince Ea’s newest video Man vs Earth in support of the Stand for Trees campaign, a platform that enables people to do something about climate change.

Please share this video with your friends and ask them to go to Stand for Trees to support our Mai Ndombe REDD+ project in the DRC and/or our Kasigau Corridor REDD+ project in Kenya or any of the other important and wonderful forest conservation projects on the platform.

Source: Wildlife Works