My approach on Green Living has always been to be strong, confident, fun and never to be afraid to show who you are. One person I’ve noticed over the year to resemble all these qualities is Cassidy Taylor-Memmory out of South Africa going as the Green Glam Girl.
The Green Glam Girl

My goal is also to green can and is sexy. Cassidy never runs away from that too! The sexy, fun way is sorely needed in the green modeling scene. Therefore, she is an up and comer as a they say.
cassidy taylor-memmory

I’m frankly excited by those that are into getting more people to go green through sex appeal and enjoying life. That’s Cassidy!

Breakout stars always take a “real” approach to inviting interest.

Beauty, fun, intelligence and a real sense on life.
 Beauty, fun, intelligence and a real sense on life

Recently she had a quote on getting stuff done is best when listening to gangsta rap music. That was one of your winning quotes frankly. Her response:

Thanks Seth, I listen to Drake, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and AKA – Baddest is an awesome South African song out at the moment!
 Beauty, fun, intelligence and a real sense on life is Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

I try spread my message of being eco friendly while still being glamorous and  enjoying life 🙂 

When did you Start To Go Green?

I started my blog, The Glam Green Girl in June 2011, when I became immensely interested in going green and waning to help others become more green. Recycling and trying to save the environment had always been something I was interested in though, especially paper recycling and wanting to save the trees. 

Great. Ok. What brought you to be in the Miss Earth competition?
 What brought you to be in the Miss Earth competition? Cassidy Taylor-Memmory

I believed that being part of the Miss Earth programme would be a great platform for me to use to get my message of being green across to the country. I was also proud to have made it through the Regional Finals for Gauteng and managed to go a lot of good during my time in the competition. It allowed me to network with like-minded people and pushed me along to never give up on spreading the green message.

On another side note folks, Earth Life Media is now managing the publicity for Cassidy Taylor-Memmory. I mean she’s also the official brand ambassador for Earth Life Media and content contributor.

“In selecting Taylor-Memmory as our brand ambassador, the natural fit was evident. Cassidy is an inspiring and compassionate role-model who will be representing our brands with great pride in both the online and offline space,” says Judi Lopes, managing director of Earth Life Media.

When did you connect that a sexy approach to photos and going green together is a winning combination?

For me, it was never about coming across as ‘sexy’ but more of trying to get rid of the stigma. One that being green meant you walked around with no shoes and hugged trees all day. My photographs depict my personality.  It’s also what I believe in. That’s being green can be glamorous and I’m glad this comes through in my photos.

Check her out on Instagram too! Cassicass_tm