Greenlight Energy Powers Forward with New Solar, LED Lighting and Renewable, Fixed-Rate Energy Plans. Greenlight has also put their money-and muscles-where their mouth is. They are donating and planting nearly 400 trees to Randall’s Island parks to …

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care ExpertNEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Greenlight Energy is a New York based green energy company. First off, they committed to healing our environment. They will clean the environment with clean, common sense energy offerings. Seems like they have now launched three renewable energy programs.  These programs, designed to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly energy solutions. Cool thing is it’s for residential and commercial customers.

So cool. So so cool!!

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Since October 2015, Greenlight Energy began offering no-cost solar installations. No-cost installs ensure a guaranteed reduction on electricity rates. In addition, we know solar is a clean, green, solar energy option. Greenlight Energy is also providing LED lighting retrofits for homes and businesses. Thereby and hence it further cut energy usage by cutting costs even further.

Greenlight Energy has also launched 100 percent renewable electricity and carbon-neutral natural gas fixed-rate plans. Filling a void in the green energy marketplace. These fixed-rate plans are not offered by local utilities. They developed it to help customers avoid volatile rates. Volatility , caused by supply/demand fluctuation, unpredictable weather patterns and a number of other variables. Greenlight sought to develop a program with both environmental benefits.

In conclusion, Greenlight has also put their money—and muscles—where their mouth is, donating and planting nearly 400 trees to Randall’s Island parks to commemorate America Recycles Day last month.

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