Putting bioenergy on the map for a sustainable future

ONE of the world’s most progressive renewable energy states is looking to expand its bioenergy industry as it strives to use green energy to supply half of its electricity needs by 2025.


The South Australian Government has revealed its bioenergy roadmap to help it reach its goals, which also include carbon neutrality by 2050 and for Adelaide to be the world’s first carbon neutral city.

Wind (34 per cent) and solar (7 per cent) provided 41 per cent of South Australia’s power in 2014/15.

On a per capita basis, South Australia’s performance is internationally significant.

Current levels of market penetration in wind in South Australia, as a proportion of total electricity generation, are competitive with leading international jurisdictions such as Denmark and Portugal.

South Australia’s levels of solar installed, on a per person basis, are comparable with other high solar penetration countries in Europe, such as Germany, Italy and Belgium…

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