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Going green can make all the difference to saving money and conserving energy and water. 

Check Home Equipment and Appliances

Check home equipment like air condition units, furnaces, dryer vents and hot water heaters to make sure they’re running efficiently.  Making sure to replace and clean filters will help maximize efficiency in your energy bills and keep equipment working longer.  Flushing hot water heaters will also ensure their lifetime value, while cleaning out the dryer vent not only helps the dryer run efficiently but could also prevent fires.

Turn It Off
In addition to swapping in energy efficient bulbs to LED bulbs, turn off all lights when you leave a room. This is one of the easiest and most effective energy-saving measures homeowners can perform.

In areas of the Western US where an ongoing drought continues, reducing water waste is essential. Turning off the faucet in between washings or adding a low flow aerator to your sink and showerhead are two great ways to save water. 

Running the dishwasher and laundry machine only when they’re full will also save resources. Eliminating one shower a week and/or minimizing shower time to 5 minutes will save 2.5 gallons per minutes.  If you’re used to a 10 minute shower, that saves 12.5 gallons per shower.  Add that up for the whole family, and gallons of water have been conserved.

Make sure you’re not wasting water without even realizing it: check for leaks in faucets, showerheads, toilets and hoses. If you have an irrigation system, check for leaks or faulty pieces that might spray more water than normal.

Monitor Temperature of Home
Rather than cranking the heat during the winter, invest in some quality warm pajamas and blankets. Similarly, you can reduce the need for AC during the summer by installing shades on your windows to keep sun out, opening windows to create airflow and planting trees in strategic locations to create shade and reduce temperatures in and around the home.  If you have some extra budget, investing in a whole house fan is another great way to pull in cool air at night during hot weather.

Invest Now
While it can take 8-25 years to pay off, you can eventually save thousands of dollars a year by installing solar power and wind power to generate electricity for your home.  Tax credits are available for homeowners who adopt the use of solar or wind systems. Updating windows, roof and insulation can also result in qualifying for tax credits.  See more:

Reduce impact on the environment by switching from harsh chemical cleaners to more natural ingredients like lemons, baking soda and salt.  Lemon juice can be used for a variety of things, including brightening grout, disinfecting the microwave, removing stains on cutting boards, removing rust spots in sinks and tubs and more. Get more tips on cleaning here:

Start a Garden
Composting and starting your own garden not only reduces waste, but will save you
money on trash collection and grocery bills. Use a drip irrigation system to reduce the amount of water used when watering your plants and incorporate drought-resistant plants into your garden that don’t require a lot of water.

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