Leed hotel excellence source: intelligent building today and Those green energy experts who help drive the industry and inform the public.

Those green energy experts who help drive the industry and inform the public.

Whether it’s a large development or your own house that can be heated, cooled and powered for less money and with a smaller footprint, it’s good for the budget, the environment and future generations. Inspired by the work they do, we’ve compiled a list of 17 green energy experts on LinkedIn who are all working, one way or another, to bring clean technology and solutions to industries, across markets and around the world.

I was right in the Middle so I guess that’s Good. LOL. Anyway here’s their review of me.


A green living and electric car expert, author, reporter and radio host, Seth Leitman is The Green Living Guy (dot com). He writes and talks about everything green, and is an energy efficiency and environmental consultant. In addition to having written the books Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and The Green Guru Guides, he is consulting series editor to McGraw-Hill and continues to contribute articles to The Huffington Post, Triple Pundit and Mother Earth News.

The only other person I knew on this list was:


Helping businesses save energy dollars is what Sam Adjangba does. For he is an energy consultant with Advisors Energy Group, does best. The New York firm is dedicated to cutting energy costs. Especially for users, including industrial, institutional and commercial clients. That’s whether they are electricity or natural gas bills. They do this by offering services and technologies. That’s including everything from consortium and deregulated markets to smart grids and co-generation systems.

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