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The Simple Dollar, a website devoted to helping people make smarter investments, recently wrote the Green Living Guy to write a piece on them. Well, folks, here’s the skinny! The price of solar panels has fallen by more than 75 percent since 2009, which is great news, considering carbon emissions have reached a record high. Going solar is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, but many people are hesitant because of the upfront costs.

That is why their team spent six weeks researching and creating a guide to help people understand there’s more than one option to make this an affordable reality – buying, leasing, power purchase agreement, or taking out a personal loan. They consulted with leading experts in the energy and solar industries in order to ensure that our guide was as thorough as possible. In addition to discussing the financial elements, they also offer recommendations for how to pick the right manufacturer and installer.

solar panels

You can see their guide here:

We all have a personal responsibility to do our part when it comes to climate change, and The Simple Dollar believes that the Green Living Guy offers such great resources to do just that. This is now part of their ways to make the investment of solar power for their home.

Many reputable publications such as Forbes, TIME Magazine and The Wall Street Journal have previously shared their work on those sites. They are also proud to be one of Google’s Experts.

Hope their website works for you as a resource.

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