​Air conditioners or an AC unit has become an indispensable comfort in the modern world. With increasing temperatures and expanding population, we have energy issues. So clearly modern man has adapted to survive the summers using this very useful little invention.

The SEER Rating

The SEER rating refers to the energy efficiency of the central air conditioning unit. New units must comply with regulations and standards set for A/C units – anything manufactured after January 26th, 2006 must achieve a SEER rating of at least 13.

Older units sometimes have ratings less than 6.

Optional Fan-Only Operation

Check for “fan only” operation. This option lets you run the fan without pushing coolant through the system, saving you a substantial amount of money at night. You can simply circulate air, which might be all you need if it’s cool outside.

Split Ductless Systems

Split ductless systems are for older homes that don’t have ductwork, or for homes where installing ductwork is impractical. These systems consist of air conditioning units in each room, with vents set up behind the wall, blowing cold air into the room.

They tend to be more expensive to install than a central unit, but it may also be the only practical option available to you.

Hiring The Right Contractor

Hiring the right contractor can make all the difference. A contractor who bids on your work should show you verification of bonding and insurance. Never do business with someone who is not bonded and insured. Check with the local BBB and see if there are any outstanding complaints against the company.

Here’s a few of the key takeways, read on to our infographic check out the full infographic for more details:



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