What Is Intelligent Mobility? Ask Nissan

By: Sebastian W. James

March 2, 2016

At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Nissan and Foster + Partners concluded a 12-month collaboration by sharing their vision of where autonomous electric cars could take society. Called “Intelligent Mobility”, it builds on themes of connectivity, urban planning, the modern workplace, and community.

Before we go any farther, watch the video below. Unless you like reading without context.

Intelligent Mobility is the grand vision encompassing Nissan’s Intelligent Driving System, or IDS. Introduced last year, IDS is their take on semi-autonomous cars. We have been very big on it over at the Hybrid and Electric Car News.

The system is an ingenious way to onboard people to semi-autonomous driving. Under human control, an IDS vehicle uses an algorithm to learn the best of how a person drives. The car mimics that behavior in autonomous mode.

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