Office jobs are deadly. No, I’m not talking about the soul-crushing routine, identical cubicles, fake plant decor or florescent lights that remind you of your doctor’s office. I’m talking about the studies that show how a sedentary lifestyle resulting from an office job leads to poor cardiorespiratory fitness. In addition to obesity and higher body weight.

Beyond your health, many companies do not advocate for sustainability and green lifestyles like you would like them to. So, it’s time to ditch your office job.  Moreover and seek an alternative. One that gives you financial freedom and allows you to work in a healthy environment.

Free yourself from the cubicle farm

Freelance Opportunities

Freelance or contractual opportunities are a great way to turn a hobby into a paycheck. Companies such as Upwork and Amway connect you with freelance gigs that fit your interests and skills as an entrepreneur and give you the freedom to create your own hours. So you escape the traditional office and cubicle farm setting and make a living.

If you have a knack for writing, ProBlogger job boards promote contractual and long-term opportunities in health, sustainability, science and technology, so you’re bound to find something that fits your writing niche.

Seasonal Jobs

If you’re not ready to say goodbye to the cubicle farm forever, seasonal jobs give you the opportunity to leave the office for a few months at a time. Spend a winter in Hawaii as a restoration technician monitoring flora and fauna or restoring a habitat. If you have a biology background, become a wildlife biologist and study bats in Arizona, a hatchery technician in Alaska for the summer or a promoter for proper forest management in New York.

Learn Code

Code is the language of the future. As the world continues to develop technologically, the power and potential of code will lead to an even higher demand for programmers. You don’t have to re-enroll in school to learn code; in fact, there are free opportunities to learn online through organizations such as Khan Academy.

And while you might be picturing a traditional computer programmer who is stuck to his or her computer in a cubicle farm for hours on end. So freelance coding is actually liberating. All you need to code is an opportunity and a Wi-Fi connection. You could code from Athens. In addition to Greece or Sydney. Finally Australia and provide your services to a company. In an an organization or non-profit. All whose goals and mission statement align with your green ideals.

Outdoor Education

If you want to ditch the office completely, outdoor education careers are conducive to green lifestyles. Those with ample time spent outdoors teaching and inspiring others. If you have a way with kids, go for it. Become an instructor or park naturalist. One that instills youth with a strong appreciation and interest. All for the great outdoors. Work to inspire them to conserve and protect the environment.

If you prefer to work with adults, become a leader for ecotours. One that take groups snorkeling. In addition to kayaking, hiking or rafting. If adrenaline isn’t your thing, learn a green skill. Moreover become an instructor at your local community center. Also your community college or for a private business. Beekeeping, urban gardening and upcycle arts and crafts are just a few examples of courses that are popular. So forget the cubicle farm and just go for it.

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