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Anyone would want their bedroom to look green and with a good environment to relax. Regardless of the space available, be it a small or a large sized bedroom, making it green is still possible. Just making a few changes to your bedroom can make it look greener and the best place to unwind yourself.

A healthy and eco-friendly bedroom will make your mind peaceful and clear. It is the fact that sleeping in a good environment can bring your sweet dreams and a fresh wake up in the morning. This will also keep you active with a clear mind and thought throughout the day in your office or home. The reclaimed beds are one of the best choices, which can be considered for the green bedroom concept. There are numbers of earth friendly options available to alternate the traditional products in your bedroom.

Here follows 5 interesting tips to help you create a green environment in your bedroom:

1. Eco-friendly bedding: This is the foremost thing you need to consider. Choose organic cotton, wool or bamboo textiles for your bed. You can also choose other types of natural textiles available for bed sheet and blankets. This will keep chemicals like formaldehyde and pesticides away from the bed. Instead of traditionally grown cotton, which may be dirty, chose the organic one as it would make a big difference. Try to choose pillows with organic cotton, millet, wool or buckwheat.

  1. Air boosting plants in the bedroom: These plants are absolutely air purifiers. Incorporating such living flora in your bedroom can make the space look greener and healthier. You can consider plants like snake plants, english ivy, areca palm, peace lilies, spider plants, bamboo and much more. They also have the efficiency to purify air. They have the ability to suck pollutants like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.
  2. Low VOC Paints for the bedroom: This will be another smart thing to consider for keeping your bedroom green. Remember, paints and furnishing may cause air pollution. However, the volatile organic compounds are recommendable for interior paints and finishes. They will also make the room fresh and ventilated.

  3. Refinish old furniture: Rather than attempting to replace old furniture, you can refinish, reupholster and repaint the old furniture to bring a new natural look to it. They will also add to the interior décor of the bedroom.

  4. Consider eco-friendly new furniture: If you are still not interested in using the old furniture, then consider buying eco-friendly new furniture made of bamboo, wood, Forestry Stewardship Council certified wood etc. They will have low toxic glues and VOC finishes.

Besides, these tips, you can also consider using natural scents in your bedroom to get a pleasant and soothing aroma. You can choose your favourite essential oils for this purpose like lemon grass oil.

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