Grocer Program Shows 32 Percent Lift in Sales with Sustainability Ratings
NEW YORK, September 13, 2016 – HowGood, an independent research organization and the best source of information on the food we eat, today announced a new program in which select HowGood certified brands will now be able to display their HowGood BEST rating directly on packaging. The new program, aptly named HowGood Certified, goes beyond the typical shelf tag rating system (next to the price), making it even easier for consumers to identify authentic brands they can trust, and in turn, support an overall better food system. The program spans a number of categories: coffee, dairy, eggs, superfoods, and more, and includes brands like Trickling Springs Creamery, Ethical Bean Coffee, Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs, Big Island Bees, and Solana Gold Organics, among others. 

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“Getting the HowGood BEST rating directly on the package and into the hands of consumers has been our vision since day one,” said Alexander Gillett, CEO of HowGood. “While we still offer our more traditional shelf tag system, which has a proven lift in sales among grocers, the next evolution of HowGood will allow brands to educate buyers on why these ratings matter. Smart, ethical brands understand the need for consumers to know how their food is being made and what impact it has.”

With this new program, HowGood supports brands with better practices by helping consumers find them more easily, which in turn will create a better food system. A new website dedicated to offering more in-depth information on the brands allows consumers to understand how the brand is bettering the food system. For brands, it offers another way to share their story around what makes them sustainable, including how they earned a BEST rating from HowGood, based on the following criteria:

· Better sourcing and processing standards
· More wholesome ingredients
· Humane treatment of animals
· Fair policies for workers

“Not only will this help better the food system, but it will disrupt the norm with information and transparency, while also allowing consumers to differentiate between brands,” said Joe Miller, Director of Marketing for Trickling Springs Creamery. “Being part of the HowGood Certified Program means wider access to existing and potential customers as well as a place to share our story.”

To date, HowGood’s grocer program shows an average lift in sales of 32% for BEST rated products when the rating system is on the shelf. Over the past nine years, HowGood has developed the world’s largest database of sustainable food ratings, including an in-store rating system that identifies industry leaders in the food system. HowGood is currently the only company that rigorously researches the goodness of food products based on multiple metrics and highlights those ratings for consumers at the point of purchase. With over 70 industry-specific indicators per food item, from ingredient sourcing to labor practices, the organization has rated over 170,000 products.

The in-store ratings can be found on the shelves of hundreds of stores across 26 states and are also accessible via iTunes and Google Play.

Source: HowGood

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