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Let’s talk trees environment and how they work together. For you’ve now heard it here folks!


Do you have a backyard? If so, does it look like your neighbor’s? Are you willing to make it look better? Then you need to know how to care for trees in your yard and what type of trees you should plant.
Most people don’t know that trees and shrubs are an important part of the ecosystem. Every year, they take in carbon dioxide from the air. Trees give off oxygen into the environment as they photosynthesize. And when they die and rot, they release nitrogen into the soil. They may go unnoticed at first, but eventually their presence will be noticed by your senses: the air and water are cleaner. Then they area looks more vibrant and alive. Moreover and new plants and insects are attracted to the tree-lined areas.

When you work with tree environment, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. For example, you can’t move a live tree. That is an invasive tree. Therefore, it will take over your entire landscape. The best way to start is by having an arborist assess your trees. Thereby and provide you with an estimate of how long they will take to grow back.

Please Don’t Transplant a Tree

On top of that, trees don’t exactly like to be transplanted. Instead, keep them in the same area, and gradually work in new plants that complement their surroundings and work with them.

Have you ever wondered why a tree grows in a certain way? To understand that, you need to know about trees’ roots, leaves and bark. The roots of a tree are made up of a network of cells called “radicles.” They absorb water, minerals and nutrients from the soil in the area where the tree is planted. Root hairs on the radicles help to anchor the tree in the ground. The leaves are the most important part of a tree’s structure and health. During autumn, the leaves are the first to change color, and when they fall off, they help to protect the tree’s root system. 

Tree Root Hairs

The root hairs on the leaves capture nutrients in the soil and distribute them throughout the tree’s body.
The bark is the outermost layer of the tree that protects the inner parts of the tree. During autumn, it is the first to coal with a natural shade of brown. In winter, it contracts to form a waterproof covering, and during the hot summer months, it produces a natural cooling agent.

20 million new trees would provide us with 260 million tons of oxygen and remove 10 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. 

Did you know that an average sized tree produces enough oxygen to keep a family of 4 breathing for 1 year? 

Furthermore, trees in the landscape can help us relax, reduce stress and lower heart rates. 

There is a lot more info about trees and the the environment in the infographic.

Thanks to Capital Garden Services out of Dublin for this. A place of other greats like my favorite band U2! 


The Earth is a living planet. The Earth is the home of all living things. The Earth’s ecosystems are the base for life itself. Trees are a vital part of that ecosystem. They provide wood for firewood, energy for heating and cooking, shelter for wildlife and children, and clean air and water for all of us.
The Earth is a planet that definitely needs trees in order to sustain its existence and our own. There are 60 different types of trees, and they play a major role in providing life on earth.

We Need More Trees

But there are not enough trees left on the planet to support all of us and the other things we need to do. In fact, there are only 9.5 billion people on the planet right now. That means that there are only 4.5 billion acres of land on the planet, and only 1.3 billion acres of that is currently used for growing enough food to feed the world. That’s less than 1 percent! How do we fix the problem?

The answer is simple.

We need to do more with less. That means we need to produce as much as possible from resources we already have, and do what we can to improve the health of the environment where we live. That’s where trees come in.

Tree environment

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