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The endemic problem with modern prefab, as it has existed to date, is price. Modern prefab can be beautiful. However, it is still too pricy for it to be a viable option for most homebuyers (and builders).

But prefab innovators CONNECT:HOMES ( are about to change the game. That’s elevating prefab from a great design conversation to a realistic (and efficient) way of building homes.pre fab connect homes

Introducing CONNECT:HOMES (, a Los Angeles-based prefab innovator. One that has just launched a new line of affordable, exportable, and sustainable modular homes. They ship like shipping containers. However, they are most definitely NOT shipping container homes.

Affordable because Connect Homes has a patent-pending technology that allows them to build modules to 90% complete at the factory, surpassing industry standards that are typically closer to 50%. This reduces finish time and reducing construction costs considerably.pre fab home from

Exportable because they are the only prefab developer on the market not to be limited by the geographic location of their factory. Modules are designed to ship like shipping containers via truck, rail, or ship. Connect:Homes are available virtually anywhere in the world.

Sustainable because Connect Homes are all designed to achieve LEED for Homes Silver out of the factory. And once installed, they come with systems and finishes that could potentially help them reach Gold or Platinum.

Connect:Homes is a viable option for anyone considering building a new home. Whether you’re a prefab fanatic or not.

The company’s ethos is based on the simple idea of connecting people to their aspirations, connecting them to their environments.

Here’s a sneak peek of what Connect:Homes at Dwell on Design (


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