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Let’s talk tile and clay roofing; for they are environmentally friendly options.  Because ​in this day and age we’re all trying to find more green and environmentally friendly solutions. That’s for all aspects in our lives. This practice extends to even the roof on your home. Most roofs are made of cedar shake tiles, asphalt shingles, clay barrel tiles or slate tiles. The process for creating and extracting the materials necessary to make these tiles has detrimental effects on the environment from mining run off to deforestation.

Composite Roof Tile

One solution that can not only help you go green but save you money in the long term is composite roof tile. Unlike standard roofing materials it is made from recycled plastic. It is light, durable, and can withstand all kinds of weather. It comes in multiple styles that look almost identical to standard materials like slate, clay barrel tiles & shake. 

Tile clay roofing
Composite roof tiles made by Brava Roof Tile look just as good if not better than regular roof tiles. They make roofing tiles that will remain durable in just about any environment. From hot summers to cold winters these tiles are ideal for any environment.

Composite Tile VS Natural Tile Roofs 

Materials like clay, stone and shake are very susceptible to all kinds of weather hazards. Hail can easily damage most roofing types. High winds can rip off flimsy shingles with ease. Composite roof tiles however are designed with all of these conditions in mind. Due to it’s thick quality plastic construction the tiles remain waterproof and can deal with high impact weather like hail much better than other types of roof tiles.

Tile roofing
Clay roof tiles can easily shatter due to the brittle nature of the material. You can’t even power wash clay tiles due to how fragile they are. Composite Spanish roof tiles look just as good as regular clay tile and are much more durable than standard barrel tiles. 

Slate, while tougher than clay, is still vulnerable to breaking and cracking from hail and ice. The same rules apply to all composite roof tiles in regards to how well they perform under duress. This allows you to remain environmentally friendly when replacing your roof. So you should know more options in how you want it to look.

Replacing a Roof?

When it’s time to replace the roofing on your home consider what kind of materials you want to use. Composite roof tiles from Brava Roof Tile are the perfect solution to remain both environmentally friendly and cost efficient for future repairs and replacement. Going green with composite roof tiles is the way to go!

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