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Helps Drivers Save Money, Fight Climate Change for May National Eco-driving Month

CarPrint takes eco driving to a new level. Eco-driving is a well-established and also a simple concept. Truck drivers have been doing it for years. Especially to save fuel and it’s already quite popular. That’s among drivers around the world.

CarPrint is like a sports app that turns eco-driving into a game. Drivers win by beating their vehicle’s fuel economy ratings. Especially for city and highway driving.

For the average American driver spends 280 hours driving a year. That’s 7 full work weeks in the car!

Carbon Dioxide Emissions

In addition, the average driver spews about 5 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I mean each year. Improving fuel economy by 20%. For it keeps one ton of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.


Using CarPrint helps drivers learn a more relaxed and mindful driving style that saves money and helps fight climate change.

CarPrint app

So it’s obvious this CarPrint Green Driving app is a working.  That’s because the CarPrint takes the boredom out of driving. It also reduces your carbon footprint and saves you money. What’s not to like about that?!


Therefore and in honor of National Eco-driving Month. Here are the Top 8 eco-driving tips that reduce fuel consumption and air pollution.

Cruise control – Minimizing speed variation saves fuel

Anticipate traffic signals and other road users

Relax– Chill out; weaving through traffic wastes fuel

Plan – Use Google Maps or Waze to avoid heavy traffic

Reduce speed – Limit high speeds over 65 mph

Idling gets you ZERO MPG

No extra weight – Don’t use the trunk for storage

Tires – Keep them inflated and rotated as directed

To track users’ eco-driving progress, the app uses an on-board data (OBD) scanner paired with the driver’s Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet. In addition, the scanner plugs into the OBD port near the steering wheel. Finally it transmits driving data via Bluetooth to the driver’s mobile device. From there, data is uploaded to CarPrint. All where numbers are crunched and shown to players.


The apps we use every day are responsible for sending as many as six billion text messages each day. Despite being one of the most popular ways to communicate, text messaging can be extremely inefficient for business. That’s especially for companies that have many employees who work remotely.

So the launch of a this text messaging service CarPrint will help businesses save money and help the environment. CarPrint clearly serves as a dashboard. Especially for tracking and managing business expenses related to cars and transportation. Businesses can use CarPrint to keep track of their fleet. Also management of fuel and vehicle maintenance, and expenses. Finally related to providing transportation services.

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