This Earth Day Quest invites photographers from around the world to capture and submit their best wildlife images and moments.

500px has teamed up with World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in celebration of Earth Day (April 22) to host a special Quest that invites photographers around the world to capture and submit their best wildlife images and moments for a chance to be featured in a special 50th anniversary edition of a WWF wildlife calendar.

– The winner’s photo will be commemorated and featured in the 2018 50th anniversary wildlife calendar from WWF-Canada.

Earth Day Quest ends on May 8th so folks can submit images up until early May.

Here are some of those registered since 4/18

For as they 500px wrote:

Late last year, the World Wildlife Fund’s Living Planet Report revealed that populations of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish have seen an average drop of 68% over the last fifty years. Today, one million species face the threat of extinction. Between habitat destruction and the wildlife trade, human activity has led to a crisis for the natural world, while also driving the emergence of new zoonotic diseases, most recently COVID-19.

Amid these catastrophic losses, hope remains. Because new evidence suggests that we can end and potentially reverse deforestation. All by supporting critical conservation actions. Also and changing the way we produce our food.

Each of us can start to make a difference by reducing waste. That’s choosing foods with a lower environmental footprint. So and remembering what’s at stake if we don’t shift our perspectives.

In honor of Earth Day, we curated this collection of unforgettable photographs from the 500px community, highlighting the beauty, fragility, and strength of the natural world. From the far reaches of Norway to the wildlife sanctuaries of South Africa, these pictures serve as a timeless yet urgent reminder of the importance of conservation, whether we’re traveling through the remote wilderness or exploring our own local parks.

Source: Sydney Manuel
Source: Lena Serditova
Source: Hayden Scott
Source: Satie
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