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The Jaguar I-PACE Electric Vehicle accelerates to 60 mph in around 4 seconds. Also, features a 90kWh battery with an estimated range of 220 miles (EPA cycle)(1)

The I-PACE Concept is the most ambitious electric car yet from Jaguar. Just 1,000 I-PACEs will be made over the next three years. That’s with the first cars likely to be delivered to customers in 2018.

For Jaguar has created a car that takes electric motoring to the next level. Thereby combining supercar looks with sports car performance and SUV space in one electric package. In addition, the I-PACE Concept is a glimpse of future Jaguar electric models. Yet, there is much more to come.

Furthermore, this I-PACE concept’s forward-thinking design and technologies allow the vehicle to be charged in just five minutes via home chargers. Moreover it offers a potential range of more than 500km (NEDC cycle) with rapid charging.

Designed to give maximum driving pleasure, the I-PACE Concept comes with an intelligent driver-assist system. That’s also including a semi-autonomous ‘follow me’ feature that allows the driver to focus entirely on the road ahead. All the while your vehicle does the rest. The vehicle also has intelligent access control and will park itself.

Most noteworthy feature of the I-PACE Concept is its size and power. The electric powertrain gives the vehicle a combined output of 400PS and 762Nm of torque. With a lightweight carbon-ceramic matrix body, the I-PACE Concept accelerates to 60mph in 4.5 seconds. That’s also with a top speed of 130mph.


When fully charged, the I-PACE Concept can drive around 500km. The I-PACE will be able to charge from zero to 80 per cent in just 20 minutes, while the battery will be able to be completely recharged in 4 hours.
Jaguar has confirmed that the I-PACE Concept is the start of a three-year development program. It will be followed by the I-PACE, a sportier EV that will drive on the road in 2018. A third model, with a range-extender drivetrain to extend the vehicle’s range and increase efficiency, will follow in 2020.

For this is a driver-focused all-wheel-drive performance from twin-electric motors.  Thereby generating 516-lb ft of torque and 400hp(1)

To be one of the first owners go to and click the ‘I want one’ button

For this Jaguar I-PACE will be on the road in 2018.  Customers can register now at All to be one of the first I-PACE owners.

Jaguar’s engineering and design teams have torn up the rule book. Especially to create a bespoke electric architecture. One matched with dramatic design. The result is a no-compromise. Also smart, five seat sports car. Finally and a performance SUV in one.

Electric Motors with Lithium Ion Batteries

The electric motors and 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack were designed in-house. All by Jaguar Land Rover. For that’s to give the best possible performance and range. That’s for most daily commutes.

For rapid charging, using a public 50kW DC charging network. Also a full charge will take just over two hours. Enough to deliver an estimated 220 miles range. For that’s measured on the US EPA test cycle(1).

In addition, the I-PACE also transforms the electric driving experience. It also offers the driver-focused performance. Finally and a response Jaguar is renowned for. To help deliver this, the I-PACE has electric motors on the front and rear axles. Their combined output is most noteworthy at 400hp and 516-lb ft. of torque.

(1) – the same torque rating as the F-TYPE SVR.

The I-PACE Electric Vehicle accelerates to 60 mph in around 4 seconds, and features a 90kWh battery with an estimated range of 220 miles (EPA cycle)(1) – Driver-focused all-wheel-drive performance from twin-electric motors generating 516-lb ft of torque and 400hp(1)
Jaguar is embracing cutting-edge technology in this way.

For they have created an experience. One that’s rich and rewarding for its consumers. It is undoubtedly redefined the future. I mean of how automotive brands will bring their game to their new customers.

All pricing and figures for acceleration, power, speed, range and charging are Manufacturer’s estimates based on best information available at time of publication. Jaguar I-PACE production vehicles will be tested and certified prior to release, with official figures available prior to any customer order.

Sources: Jaguar and Jaguar Land Rover

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