Alongside hiking, fell running, bouldering, and mountaineering, cycling is understandably one of the UK’s Lake District’s greatest pursuits. The mixed terrain of fells, valleys, and woodland means the area offers more variety to the budding cyclist than most. Although for anyone new to the pastime, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Cyclists cherish the region for its challenging routes. It has several passes winding their way through the mountains, offering the two-wheeler an Alpine experience without leaving England. A journey through quiet, secluded valleys may not offer the same white-knuckle ride offered by the higher routes, but they have a thrill all of their own and still provide a great workout for the body and mind.

Their guide below is aimed at those new to cycling in the lakes. With three beautiful routes taking you through peaceful scenery, quiet valleys, and winding country lanes, it’s the perfect place to start. They have also included a handy checklist to ensure your bike is in tip-top condition before you set off. Ease on your lycra, fasten your helmet, and enjoy the ride!


Cycling In The Lakes by Craig Manor.