Rattan Direct wrote up a comprehensive guide to making small changes to your garden that will have a positive impact on the environment.

They are accustomed to the messages and practical ideas for living as eco-friendly as possible IN our homes, but we often neglect the garden. Making the garden more eco-friendly is a major step in reducing your carbon footprint. With a little know-how, it is easy to achieve.

What is an Eco-Friendly Garden?
An eco-friendly garden is one that encourages a balance between plants, trees, insects, birds, animals and humans naturally, rather than by using insecticides, pesticides or other manufactured means.

What makes for an Eco-Friendly Garden?

This concept spreads throughout the garden, from planting native species to the materials used to make pots, borders and garden furniture.

From growing vegetables alongside your flowers to investing in garden furniture made from sustainable materials, we cover everything you need to know about adopting a greener garden in this guide.

So finally making your garden eco friendly is something everybody wants to do. Yet again, who really has either the tools or time for it. If you install a greenhouse you can do this, if your going to do this you will also need some greenhouse glass.

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