Test Drive Results 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Electric Car

While the 2017 Honda Accord hybrid is a bit more efficient than previous models, it begs that question why they didn’t continue with the Honda Accord plugin hybrid? Anyway, as I reported on Answers.com about the 2014 Accord hybrid (meaning not that much changed) uses the same Eco Assist button to help drivers improve fuel efficiency.


So let’s repeat:
Pressing the green ECON button can enhance the efficiency of vehicle systems such as:
– throttle control
– Continual Variable Transmission (CVT) operation
– idle-stop duration
– air conditioning and
– cruise-control
Yet, Honda still only uses their Earth Dreams Technology two-motor hybrid system. This has helped the 2017 Accord Hybrid to an EPA-rating of 53-55 mpg city. So while over 50 mpg was achievable the overall average was Still only about 45 mpg,


Of course, The Green Living Guy loves the instrument of this hybrid. Instrumentation
The Accord Hybrid has analog instrumentation with a combination of sophisticated and technical appearances. As shown above, the speedometer is the largest feature in the instrument cluster. The Multi-Information Display (MID) is positioned in the center of the speedometer and provides a range of information and trip computer functions. The high-contrast white-on-black display can provide a wide range of information for the driver, including exterior temperature, trip information and much more.


This makes it way easier to calculate:
Average fuel economy
Digital trip meters
Instant fuel economy
Miles to empty and
Energy flow indicator

The “Illuminated Eco Assist” arcs on each side of the speedometer indicate when the vehicle is being operated efficiently. The speedometer is flanked by an analog tachometer, coolant temperature and fuel level gauge.
Other Cool Green Features
Every Accord Hybrid has the infamous green ECON button to the left of the steering wheel. When ECON mode goes live, expect enhanced fuel efficiency. The “drive-by-wire throttle system” gives you more gradual response to save additional energy. Then to further save on MPG, expect climate control’s fan speeds lowered and other climate control system characteristics are altered based on the conditions.


EV Button
My favorite button and more impressive than previous models, this EV button Immediately behind the shifter and lets the driver go all electric. When the battery charge is sufficiently depleted, EV Mode goes to gasoline which restarts and recharges the battery in Hybrid Drive Mode.

Needs More MPG
Now I hate to be a bother but this is the same MPG since the last time I tested. The difference is more technklogy was added to be a smarter car. That’s cool but smart can also include another 1 inch row of batteries to the pack for more MPG. Just saying I’d love to see it go further without compromising on the car. Another 1 inch row of lithium ion batteries should do the trick. If I’m wrong then make it so Honda remains a great MPG car. You know : Be an MPG Leader.

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