The millennials are a breakthrough generation in every sense of the word. While their practices towards technology and worldviews are admirable, their views on environment are also very open minded.

They are without a doubt one of if not the most eco-friendly generation of us all. What is it that makes the millennial age group so different than others that came before it or even the ones that are coming after them?

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Early adopters

We all know that millennials are early adopters of technology and devices. They are the generation that was born at the genesis of internet, personal computers, mobile phones and other appliances that we take for granted today. This makes their mindset much more open and welcoming of change. They embrace environmental issues as their own and usually do anything in their power to influence it in a positive way.

Generation Y is one of the earliest advocates for clean energy and eco-friendly lifestyle, making them a definitive representative of healthy living. They represent everything we value about our planet and continue to do so through volunteering efforts and changes in their everyday consumer practices.

Brand awareness

Speaking of consumption, millennials are firm believers in the fact that climate change comes from the proverbial top. Companies and giant conglomerates that buy cheap ingredients and sell them at high prices with their brands’ name on them are taboo with millennials.

They value brand and transparency above all else when shopping for clothes, food or house appliances. Steering clear of brands that test on animals, cause environmental disasters or even neglect bad PR coming their way are something that millennials avoid in its entirety. They want a green planet to live on, which means these companies need to go.

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Willingness to pay more

According to a recent study, millennials have been deemed the environmentalists the world really needs through their shopping convictions. They are willing to pay more for products that are certified cruelty free and environmentally green.

Gone are the days of buying books that destroy forest after forest just to produce the paper we read on. Generation Y will tell you to always look for the online help on the info you need or a recycling sign on the jacket of a book you are looking to buy. This willingness to pay more money just to keep the world green is a true sign of conviction on their part, and one of the reasons why millennials really are aware of their environment.

Sustainability over consumption

Sustainable development is something that takes a backseat every time someone talks about the future of human race. While it may be a neglected topic in the eyes of the public, millennials are very much aware that it’s possible to produce all the food and resources we need and still not spend as much at the end. Climate change is the direct result of our overconsumption of natural resources for our own benefit and the benefit of large corporations.

While it may be too drastic to call them environmentalists, millennials are still the generation that keeps the public aware of these issues and are willing to work on it. They will always look for sustainable shops and food producers instead of buying things that come with popular brands attached to them. They don’t do it to look hip or become more popular in their society – they do it because they genuinely care about the world they live in.

In summation

We can easily assert why millennials are a top priority when it comes to developing a generation of bright young minds and equipping them with tools to make the world green again. However, knowing this fact and acting on it are two different things, and nothing will change as long as they are young and without any real corporate power.

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Change comes from above, but it starts from below, with us, the customers. Joining millennials in their efforts to make the world better is the best thing we can do to contribute to the cause ourselves.

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