First off!  Can you say A futuristic, zero-emission Electric water taxi?! Well one from ABB called SeaBubbles is coming.  Firstly, demonstrated at this event was the first.  It was held on Lake Geneva in Switzerland made by ABB. The vehicle represents a milestone developing new forms of transportation.  I’m talking electric water transport.  Zero emissions! You know, that doesn’t impact the environment.  Best part, it doesn’t place any burden on urban infrastructure. The water taxi will soon be equipped with V2X tech, ABB AbilityTM Marine Advisory System. OCTOPUS is a software solution that helps vessel operators gather and analyze data to optimize water travel. Can I say it?!? So cool. So so so cool!

Furthermore, the demonstration craft got funded by Geneva authorities.  In addition, the Department of Energy, Transport and Agriculture (DETA) kicked in for ABB. Seems like they are interested. Further trials will continue in the months ahead.

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care ExpertIn conclusion, OCTOPUS will start a pilot project in early May. OCTOPUS system will also enable ABB to provide real-time data to SeaBubbles control center. Finally, this’ll be examining almost every aspect of the vessels’ operating status.

% Green Living Guru%Electric Care ExpertPlease note left to right in the photo above. First off, Kenneth Nakken, Vice President Digital Service ABB Marine & Ports.  Then is Anders Brigdal who is Founder and CEO Seabubbles.  Next is Thierry Lassus, Managing Director ABB Sécheron.  Finally, Alain Thébault, Co Founder & Vice-President Seabubbles

Source: ABB (ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex)

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  1. We need one vehicle that can drive on land, float across the water, and take to the air from either water, or land!

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