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Introduction to Circus Animals

Unfortunate circus animals and elephants news! So it seems again tragedy has struck another group of circus elephants. Another example of animals in traveling shows.  After a truck transporting five circus elephants. That’s from Circo Gottani crashed on the A-30 today. Located near Albacete, Spain. Firstly and reportedly two elephants became injured. Moreover and one animal was thereby tragically killed.

This was a terrible incident for the circus

It symbolizes all that is wrong with the use circus animal elephants. Hence, instead of a life in the wild, circus elephants get carted around the country. As well, they are confined and forced to do circus acts. Please don’t visit a circus with animals. This will help stop their suffering today.

circus animal in traveling

For context and in January, four circus elephant were stranded on the highway. That’s for hours. Then the bottom of the truck began to give way.  Furthermore, this was during the journey from Oklahoma to Iowa.

Studies about Circus Animals

in addition, studies of the use of wild circuses show that they cannot meet the physical or behavioral needs of wild animals.

Circus animals. No more circus animal suffering


In conclusion and as well, animals confined in small spaces. Thereby deprived of physical and social needs. Furthermore, they are spending excessive amounts of time shut in transporters. These animals are often seen behaving abnormally. For example, they are rocking. Then they are swaying and pacing. Sadly, these all signs indicating that they are in distress.  More important, they are not coping with their environment.

In addition, ADI’s video evidence has shown how these animals get forced to do tricks.  They are forced through physical violence. Also, fear and intimidation.

Finally, circuses are a great way to teach children about animals. However, they aren’t the right solution to animal welfare issues. They can only go so far in demonstrating how easy it is to care for an animal. It takes a long time to train people. Especially how to properly care for a circus animal. In order to change the minds of the public, we need to create a large-scale educational campaign. One that showcases the many benefits of responsible zoo and animal sanctuary immersion. Moreover as excellent experiences for youth. It’s not about convincing them to give up their visits to the circus. It’s about helping them make better informed choices. Most importantly and about their leisure time.

We also need to make sure that circuses are not used as a means of circumventing legal requirements for animal care and protection.

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