ConnectSense creates home automation products. These products help keep power levels down and save energy. In addition, you can save on all the products used in your home. Whether your lamp, speaker, or toaster over, the smart outlet is there. It’s built with two WiFi connected outlets. As well, it’s powered through Siri voice control. With detailed power monitoring in the app, users have real time insight, insight directly into the power consumption of devices plugged into the Smart Outlet. Also, these smart outlets will tell you how long devices have been turned on. From there, rules can be set to turn off devices. This saves both energy and money. So this Earth Day, check out the Smart Outlet as a tool that supports green living!

ConnectSense Energy Efficiency goes Smart Outlet

The feature set of the in-wall outlet allows for complete control and monitoring of any device that is plugged into the outlet. The outlet’s relays can be used to turn on/off each individual outlet from the controlling application. With plug detection, the smart outlet can detect when something is plugged into each individual outlet. The smart outlet also has device signature detection in which it can determine what type of device is plugged into the outlet. The various networking options provide the user with different wireless technology options to choose from depending on the type of network being used. A cellular gateway is available for internet connectivity in locations that don’t have direct access.

Custom scenes can be configured. That’s so users can control multiple devices. For example, automatically turn off the lights, lock all the doors, close the garage door and set the thermostat. Separate any home into rooms and zones. Therefore you have better control over any device.

The Smart Outlet can also be controlled via remote access. Yes folks, through an Apple TV (3rd generation or later).

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