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Firstly and to begin, here’s a quote from the good ol CEI’s Myron Ebell. Today he’s talking about the EPA deputy administrator nominee Andrew Wheeler:

Also, CEI promotes environmental policies based on limited government regulation and property rights.  CEI rejects what they call “global warming alarmism”.[3]The organization’s largest program IS the Center for Energy and Environment. It focuses on many policies and regulations. From energy policy to chemical risk policy to the Clean Air Act regulation. Then they work on land and water regulation, the Endangered Species Act, and private conservation policies.

CEI is an outspoken opponent of government action by the Environmental Protection Agency that would need limits on greenhouse gasemissions. It favors free-market environmentalism, and supports the idea that market institutions are more effective in protecting the environment than is government. CEI President Kent Lassman wrote on the organization’s blog that, “there is no debate about whether the Earth’s climate is warming”, that “human activities very likely give to that warming”, and that “this has long been the CEI’s place”.

In March 1992, CEI’s founder Fred Smith said of anthropogenic climate change: “Most of the indications now are it looks pretty good. Warmer winters, warmer nights, no effects during the day because of clouding, sounds to me like we’re moving to a more benign planet, more rain, richer, easier productivity to agriculture.”[4]

“Andrew Wheeler is a great choice to be deputy administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He has experience and the ability necessary to manage the agency and to make sure that the reforms undertaken by Administrator Pruitt will be fully implemented.
Emissions regulated by EPA, administrator and deputy administrator
Will EPA reduce emissions?

In conclusion, we have this quote parenthetically from Myron. He’s known Andrew since he first went to work in the US Senate. To start, he worked for Senator James M. Inhofe as a staffer on the Environment and Public Works Committee. He considers him level-headed, and soft-spoken. He knows how to get things done. During his tenure on the committee, he helped the Senator defeat ruinous cap-and-trade legislation, and pass major energy legislation with bipartisan support.

Finally and hence to therefore we have this last quote parenthetically. Andrew is a former EPA staffer.  So Andrew has experience in how the EPA operates. CEI likes this because of his commitment to President Trump’s agenda. That agenda is to undo the regulatory onslaught of the previous administration.  CEI believes Andrew will be valuable to his work. He will be managing and reforming the agency as deputy administrator.

Good ol CEI IS:
The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI). CEI is a non-profit public policy organization. This organization is dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government. They believe in free enterprise. That includes personal liberty. CEI’s mission is to promote both freedom and fairness. Finally, they do this with creating or making good policy good politics.

Source: Competitive Enterprise Institute

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