COSMOS STUDIO makes A shirt that is 95% more eco friendly

Jeffrey Man, co Founder of Cosmos Studio emailed me to let me know about his sustainable fashion start-up based in Hong Kong and we have a new product/technology on Kickstarter called : “COSMOS STUDIO | the most sustainable shirt in the world.”

COSMOS STUDIO - A shirt that is 95% more eco-friendly.

As well, At Cosmos Studio, they are doing their part. They are developing a technology that can revolutionise the fashion industry. Their newly invented colour diffusion technology (patent-pending), engineered to save 95% of water. It’s also 95% of effluent and 53% of energy in colouring processes. The Gidelave™ technology has the prospect of changing the face of global garment production. Hence in application, their shirt is one that looks and feels great. Plus, one that is responsible.

COSMOS STUDIO - A shirt that is 95% more eco-friendly. Shirts COSMOS STUDIO - Eco friendly

Finally, here’s the kickstarter link.

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