Earth Friendly Products® Launches New Plant-Powered Home Air Care Line

Designed by Female Innovation Team and makers of ECOS™ laundry detergent does ECOSBreeze™. Combines New Odor-Eliminating Technology with Signature Essential Oil Blends from Earth Friendly Products.

Earth Friendly Products® Launches New Plant-Powered Home Air Care LineEarth Friendly Products® is the maker of ECOS™ laundry detergent and over 200 other environmentally friendly products. Firstly, they are launching a new suite of mood-inspired home air care products. In addition, this includes ECOSBreeze™ Fabric & Carpet Odor Eliminator and ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray. They use signature natural fragrances and essential oil blends from the most popular ECOS™ products. Sprays designed to cut odors and help consumers create a unique ambiance in their home that matches their mood, from “Bold” to “Chill.”

ECOSBreeze™ Fabric & Carpet Odor Eliminator is a game changer for the air care industry. Designed to bond with and break apart bad odor molecules instead of masking them, the plant-powered spray formulating safer for people and pets. It comes in three ECOS signature scents: Lavender Vanilla, Lemongrass, and Magnolia & Lily. The 20-ounce, see-through bottles designed to display, featuring beautiful botanical artwork, and the 100% plastic sprayer makes the bottles fully recyclable.

Hence, five ECOSBreeze™ Room Sprays round out the new air care lineup.  It’s  giving consumers a safer way to use scents. The sprays are available in “Fun,” “True,” “Chill,” “Bright,” and “Bold.” Consumers can discover their own unique scent. It’s pairing by taking the online“What’s Your ECOS Vibe?” quiz.

In conclusion, like the odor eliminator, the 4-ounce ECOSBreeze™ Room Spray is designed for display. Finally, it comes in a see-through, faceted bottle that showcases each scent’s unique botanical art. Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks, president and CEO of Earth Friendly Products® says “It’s the perfect blend of luxury home ambiance and sustainable living.”

Source: Earth Friendly Products, CYPRESS, Calif., April 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ —

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