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QUEBEC CITY, April 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – FLO is proud to announce it is partnering with Green Mountain Power (GMP), Vermont’s largest electric utility.  Seems that they are to participate in a pilot project.  Said pilot is aiming to deploy residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  At the same time they’ll be finding ways to lower the cost of the grid for all customers.

Through this project, FLO will provide GMP with 50 units of its FLO Home EV charging station.  These  will be distributed to Vermont home owners. Expectation: to test automated demand response systems.

FLO partners with Green Mountain Power to support the deployment of residential EV charging stations in Vermont

Over the last few months, FLO worked closely with GMP.  Work done is to make its system compliant with the OpenADR standards. GMP can then share access with the chargers remotely.  This’ll reduce peak energy costs during periods of high demand. It’s  in part to Vehicle to Grid tech. Again my friends, to drive down costs for all customers.

” This project demonstrates our ability to help utilities prepare to accommodate the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. As EV adoption keeps progressing, load management will certainly be a challenge for utilities. This type of smart grid integration is a key part of the solution. We are looking forward to working with other utilities across North America.  They must deploy similar initiatives.  These will be essential.  Essential to support the development of large-scale electric vehicle charging infrastructure,.  These comments came from Louis Tremblay, who is CEO and President of FLO.

GMP supports electric vehicles in Vermont and has helped create a statewide public charging network.

This collaboration with Green Mountain Power is just one of many projects FLO is currently running with American partners, as the company is making its first steps into the United States market.

FLO and its parent company AddEnergie also made the headlines across North America. Lately for receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2017 North American Electric Vehicle Charging Competitive Strategy Innovation and Leadership Award.

Source: FLO
FLO is Canada’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network

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