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TrueGreen™ Frames to Grow Moss Within 10 Days Joins Sustainability Movement With Launch Of Moss Glasses


NEW YORK, March 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Consumer awareness of climate change and global warming continues to increase. is the leading online retailer for prescription eyewear. They announce the launch of TrueGreen™ Moss Glasses. The first-ever eco-friendly frames with moss-growing abilities. All meant to soak up vast amounts of carbon dioxide from the air. Thereby resulting in fewer headaches caused by the gas.

So TrueGreen™ Moss Glasses created using the latest in bio-receptive technology. Also they feature bio-fiber, bark, and concrete materials. All while a unique system of tubes helps water travel through the frames. Once water reaches the surface, the lab-grown enzymes aid in the photosynthesis process. Therefore allowing moss to grow within 48 hours.

Then after 10 days, the glasses will be completely covered in green. Giving way to an earthy, chic look that benefits the planet.

“At, we committed to offering our clients the widest selection of products for their eyewear needs. Lately, we have received many inquiries about recyclable frames and wanted to deliver a solution that lived up to consumers’ expectations of our product,” says spokesperson. “We thrilled to have teamed up with Professor A. Fooler, an expert in environmental science, and his group of researchers at Biot E labs, to develop the world’s only frames that have a positive impact on the environment by removing carbon dioxide from the air.”

Peat moss plays a key ecological role as it produces oxygen, while absorbing CO2 and gaseous air pollution. Moss captures between 200 and 500 billion tons of carbon, the same amount that’s present in the earth’s entire atmosphere. Its ability to thrive in unfertile soils and lack of seeds and flowers made it the ideal material for’s sustainable offer.


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