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What Is Radon Gas And Why Is It Dangerous?

Radon is a tasteless, odorless and colorless gas, which formed due to the decay of uranium (radioactive element) in the soil and water. It is a heavy, radioactive gas, and you must knowing about the danger it poses but what do you do to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of radon exposure?

Most importantly, Radon exposure isn’t a joke! There are severe consequences of heightened level exposure to this gas. The fact that you cannot see or smell the gas, still ingest it on a daily basis, is an alarming concern.

Reducing Radon in Your Home, Radon gas isn’t something you hear a lot about in the news. It’s impossible to see, taste, or smell. Yet, it’s almost everywhere. It seeps up from the ground, and is present in many homes. It’s responsible for 21,000 cancer deaths every year in the U.S

Myths About Radon Testing

The following are three misleading facts (myths) about radon gas. So Some of these are the major causes of ignorance among people about the danger it poses:

● Firstly, If you don’t have a basement, then you don’t have to hire radon testing experts.

● secondarily, If your house has on a crawl space, then testing isn’t required.

● Thirdly, If you have a walkout basement, then you don’t have to test for radon.

Severe Effects of Radon Exposure

At this point, I know, you are wondering how can radon enter your house or office space. However, didn’t you read that radon is present in the soil and water? Didn’t I mention, umm so this is which is how it enters your premises. After entering, it gets trapped. Then concentrating this radioactive gas keeps on increasing. Therefore, it makes the area hazardous for your health.

Therefore, Radon gas exposure is the leading cause of lung cancer around the world. This is because the molecules of the gas breakdown into tiny elements. Thereby they then cling on to the inner lining of the lungs. Initially, you might feel shortness of breath or dry coughing. however, but at a later stage, it can turn into lung cancer or other lung-related diseases.

Concentrating radon gas is higher in basements than other rooms of the house. That’s because it’s closer to contaminated soil. Radon is the largest contributor to a person’s overall amount of radiation. In addition and more important, it shows how much radiation is carrying around.

Also, Radon tends heavier than air. This is why it settles in low-lying areas. It gets trapped in enclosed spaces. Some of these spaces are like buildings, crawl spaces and basements, etcetera.

If you smoke, then stop it right away! Knowing about all the harmful effects of smoking. Although, do you know that radon is synergistic? A synergistic effect can be explained as an aggravating effect. This means that it elevates the chances of other diseases. In simple words, radon exposure makes your body prone to severe diseases. This facilitates the effects of smoking. That’s because all the other harmful effects of your habits double/tripled.

How To Test For Radon Gas

If you are concerned about radon exposure, then buy a home radon testing kit. But it can be tricky, so it’s better to hire a professional service that can conduct a thorough check. This is a test to make sure of. You don’t want it hidden in any nook and corner of your house. The concern is not just finding its presence. Then you need to decide the source of it. This is something that only professional tests can decide, so it’s better to call an expert than do it yourself. They will also be equipped with the right tools to gather data for penetration and correct concentration levels of radon gas inside the house, which is necessary to devise solutions for the same.

Even if you are a little doubtful about radon gas concentration levels at your house, then make sure your loved ones are away from the site. Health always comes before money!

How To Remove Radon Gas

If the concentration levels are above the recommended threshold, then you can use proper mitigation techniques to cut the levels quickly. One such method is positive pressure ventilation which raises the air pressure inside your house; preventing outside air to flow in. You can also seal all floor penetrations to prevent the gas from seeping from below. If you have heard that adding ventilation to your basement or crawl space can help, then it is another myth about radon exposure; so avoid it immediately. This facilitates moving outside air into the home, which explains why it can be responsible for raising the concentration levels.

It is never too late to move forward, so take a step towards a healthy environment right away!

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