Top 5 UK Urban Areas Fighting Climate Change

The climate is changing due to heavy industry and artificial processes created by mankind. Over the last few decades, the climate has been severely impacted by increased emissions of CO2, leading to extreme weather events. In the case of the UK heatwaves, droughts, cold snaps, and flooding are occurring more frequently.

The United Kingdom is combatting the effects of climate change in many ways. Since all cities in the UK are affected by common problems, measures need to be taken to change the chronicle of these potentially life-threatening events. Even if the global incentive to limit temperature increase by 2 degrees, the weather patterns will differ and climate change will be severe.

When no action is taken and our planets annual average temperature increases by more than two degrees, the effects will be devastating. There will be a significant increase of ocean levels, volatility in river flow, water shortages, and extreme droughts.

As of today, the UK is a firm proponent of the 2015 Paris climate accords, and even before this accord was reached, it was taking measures to lessen carbon dioxide emissions. What’s more, the largest UK urban areas have plans to become energy independent by 2050.

London, Manchester, West Yorkshire, Glasgow, and the West Midlands are leading the way by introducing methods and becoming more climate-friendly. These five largest urban areas in the UK prepare their cities, and ultimately their citizens, for the effects of floods, heatwaves, and other extreme weather occurrences that will occur in the coming decades.A challenging task since the people and the authorities must work around high population density, spatial planning complications, and pollutant technologies.

GreenMatch has made this really cool infographic that shows how the climate effects for the five urban areas discussed. In addition to effects are the initiated measures listed to help resolve these problems.

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