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As a society, we know how to define global warming. It is the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. However, global warming , caused by certain behaviors of human beings. We have the tendency to look at Earth’s gravest problem from a reactive perspective. Some examples of reactive actions are buying L.E.D light bulbs instead of fluorescent,  or buying a hybrid vehicle instead of a sports car. Instead, we should analyze the issue of global warming from a proactive perspective. A proactive perspective allows us to understand our role in protecting the environment. Therefore, the cause of global warming is ignorance of our actions.

Global warming has consequences

In addition, according to a recent study done by the National Aeronautic Space Administration(N.A.S.A) the temperature of Earth has risen 2 degrees since the late 1800s. The rise of Earth’s temperature indicates two aspects that cannot be refuted. First, that global warming exists. Secondly, the study also demonstrates that the cause of global warming is directly correlated to human activities. Additionally, the analysis of NASA also proves that we, as global citizens do not really understand the ramifications of our lifestyle choices.

Furthermore, the Environmental Protection Agency conducted a study of their own. Their findings concluded that industry was one of the main culprits of the increase of greenhouse gases in the United States at 22%. One industry is fertilizer companies. Understandably, most people who buy fertilizer want their yard visually appealing. However, fertilizer is also responsible for the rise of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere, which is a deadly greenhouse gas.

Therefore, it is important to understand the differences of each fertilizer brand and how each organization makes their respective fertilizer product. Instead of purchasing the most expensive brand, find the fertilizer product that alleviates the rise of green house gases into the atmosphere. Nevertheless, the modern process of fertilizer has also included the use of grease from oils and meat fats.

So we must stop being so reactive to global warming. So rather than analyzing global warming from a reactive way, stop that. We therefore and sincerely must change. Also, we should adopt a more proactive stance. That’s by becoming more aware of what we buy. More important, we must educate ourselves. For example, we should ask ourselves if we really need that respective product? In addition, we must understand what our role as global citizens is in preventing global warming. We must help from further destroying our environment. Most importantly, do not be afraid to get involved. From your local community to educating others about Earth’s gravest problem. In conclusion, we only have one world. Finally and more important, let’s take care of it now before it is too late.

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