How many of your neighbors have geothermal?

We’ll be the first ones off to admit it about geothermal energy. Less than 1% of the homes in this country are using geothermal heating or air conditioning right now. In addition, most say it’s because too expensive. Well, not anymore!

So Discover why we’re so excited about our new house party series. As well, we’re helping homeowners. For who are passionate about geothermal share the opportunity with their friends.

Geothermal Energy

Therefore, Learn how Dandelion Energy has launched a “game changer” in the Hudson Valley. Cause they have dramatically lowered geothermal costs. So Big! So big time!
Here’s the lineup:
  1. If you live near Rhinebeck, some of our earliest Dandelion Energy geothermal customers. Becky, Bob and Susan are co-hosting a free, fun and educational party. So on Saturday, August 11th at 145 Primrose Hill Rd, Rhinebeck, NY from 11am-3pm.
  2. The party will feature an outdoor tent, hourly geothermal presentations. In addition, ongoing tours of the geothermal system in the basement. You can RSVP on Facebook: or contact Becky:

3. Therefore, If you live near Albany, mark your calendar for Thursday evening, August 16th! First off, Dandelion customer, So it seems that Matt, is having people over for pizza, wings, beer and basement tours of his geothermal system. He’s located at 207 Old Quarry Rd, Feura Bush, NY 6:30pm-8pm. Therefore, You can RSVP on Facebook:
  1. As well, July was a busy month for geothermal energy. See below to learn how to get your town involved with HeatSmart Westchester. That’s a program we’re gearing up to launch with Sustainable Westchester. So check out our expansion to Buffalo. That’s with Pro-Temp Mechanical. In addition and more importantly Dandelion happenings from the past month.

Finally and in conclusion, Email if you want to host an event in your area. Most importndly and as always, you can see if your home qualifies for geothermal:

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The Dandelion Energy Team

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Bob Connors

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