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So Volvo’s announcement to make only electric or hybrid cars by 2019 received a positive reaction from consumers in SSI’s latest poll (please see chart 1).

First of all, forty-one percent of 338 people interviewed online say the announcement makes them more likely to buy a Volvo. All the while only 17 percent say the news would put them off buying the brand.  For many people (42 percent), Volvo’s direction has no impact.

Especially on their future car buying decisions.

More than half of the 48 Volvo owners SSI interviewed said when they do buy their next car they will probably buy another Volvo (please see chart 2).  Eighteen of the 48 Volvo owners said they don’t plan to buy a Volvo next time but only three people in this group said the reason for choosing another brand was that they don’t want to buy an electric or hybrid car.

Volvo C30 electric car. Volvo Electric

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As I wrote before:

The C40 Recharge is Volvo’s newest addition to the Recharge line of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It’s the next step in Volvo’s commitment. Especially to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and be a fully electric car company by 2030.

The C40 Recharge is a newer version of the XC40 SUV. The main difference is the C40’s lower and sleeker design. According to Volvo, the propulsion consists of two electric motors. One is located at the front axle and the other on the back axle. In addition, a 78kWh battery powers the vehicle. That’s with the ability to charge up to 80 percent in only 40 minutes.

Because the vehicle is fully electric, there are zero tailpipe emissions. This means you can drive knowing. Especially that your car is reducing your carbon footprint and not contributing climate change.

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