Crafting Your Own Personalized Green Cleaning Supplies

How Many Toxins Are In Your Home?

Let’s get to green cleaning. From the spray you use on your countertops to your gel toilet bowl cleaner, the mainstream products you use on your home are chock full of household toxic chemicals. It’s not enough that those toxins damage your furniture and possessions. Cause they also cause issues that damage your health and quality of life. See unlike foods, which are required to label their ingredients, cleaning supplies rarely disclose the chemicals included in their formula.

So Do you have a jug of white vinegar in your home?

If so, prepare to have your mind blown over. Do you know how many different ways you can use this champion workhorse of the green cleaning movement? If not, get thee to the store on the double. When you get there purchase the largest bottle you can find. It seems that many big-box retailers and grocery chains sell specially branded household cleaning strength vinegar. Yes folks green cleaning in large bottles.

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Therefore, Vinegar is an amazing inexpensive non-toxic product. Best part, that you can use for everything. That’s from sterilizing your bathroom to killing weed in your garden. Even better, you can also use vinegar to remove stubborn paints from wood if you want to avoid harsh chemical paint strippers. Here are just a few of the great ways you can put vinegar to work in your home:

  • Add vinegar to your dishwasher to break down bacteria lurking from your loads of dishes, kill funky smells and enhance performance while leaving your dishes sparkling clean. Pro tip: you can do the same with your washing machine to leave it looking brand new. Adding some vinegar to your regular wash cycle will help kill nasty germs lurking on your clothes as well.
  • Pour vinegar down clogged drains. This is to break down blockages and get your wastewater flowing properly again.
  • Also Soak your shower head in vinegar. This is to remove years of built-up gunk left behind by hard water.
  • Also Scrub your shower, toilet, and sinks in a diluted vinegar mixture. Aka (recipe below!) to disinfect and leave sparkling clean.
  • As well, Spray a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water on your windows, mirrors, and countertops. This is to achieve a perfect clean without any streaking.Another green cleaning Pro tip: for quartz, marble and hardwood surfaces. Cause you’ll need a more diluted vinegar mixture. Use 1 part of vinegar to 5 parts of water. That’s to achieve germ-killing greatness while protecting delicate surfaces.

Now that you’re a convert to vinegar, check out the amazing items you can mix it with. As well or add to your diluted solutions to accomplish even more green cleaning tasks.

Essential Oils Add Functionality While Enhancing Germ-Killing Green Cleaning

The world of essential oils is incredibly broad. It’s filled with more companies and scents than you can imagine. Whether you invest in a starter kit that brings a dozen or more EOs into your home or you choose to buy individual formulations, you’re making the right choice bringing these amazing supplies into your home. Let’s check out which oils you should be using in your green cleaning solutions.

  • Lemon EO: a few drops of antiviral and antibacterial lemon essential oils into your vinegar solution to scrub your floors, polish your wood or sanitize the air you breathe. Pro tip: lemon essential oil is not the same as lemon juice.
  • Lavender EO: this antibacterial liquid will add the most delicious scent to your home while partnering with vinegar to accomplish all of your household cleaning.
  • Peppermint EO: antibacterial peppermint can help clean but may serve a more important purpose in your home: mix a dozen drops with distilled water and spray around the perimeter of your home, paying special attention to cracks, to deter pests from invading your space.
  • Tea Tree oil: use tea tree oil in your bathroom as a scent you diffuse or mixed with your diluted vinegar to heighten your germ-killing abilities. Your bathroom is second only to your kitchen as the germiest room in your home. Tea tree oil serves multiple functions, freshening and disinfecting your air as well as your solid surfaces.




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The One Vinegar Recipe You Can’t Miss
Now that we’ve discussed the many uses of vinegar plus some of the top essential oils to use around the house, it’s time to bring it all together in the one vinegar recipe you can’t miss. It’s extremely easy to make while also being super cost effective compared to any other cleaning substance. Then you won’t need to for example get toilet bowl cleaner.
  1. In a large empty spray bottle, add equal parts vinegar and water. This mix is the most effective when it’s fresh, so only make as much as you’ll use in today’s cleaning session.
  2. Choose the essential oil from the list above that most suits your current cleaning tasks and add at least a dozen drops to your vinegar/water mix. If you’ve prepared a large mix, increase the number of drops you use accordingly.
  3. Swirl around in the spray bottle to mix thoroughly.
  4. Clean!
It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of time, money or talent to become a lean green clean money-saving machine. Just grab a bottle of vinegar and some reusable rags, add in your extras as desired, and you’ll be ready to tackle even the hardest household cleaning chores.


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