Clever building design

To begin, this photo was shown at an event at the BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels. These clever building design architects showed off six carbon-neutral buildings. In addition, they also presented their visionary experiments to the public.

As part of the VELUX Model Home 2020 project is clever building design. So the architects have explored the challenge of combining energy efficiency and maximum use of renewable energy with optimal indoor climate.

The six houses with clever building design are all put to the test by families. Especially as experts measure energy use. Their reliance on renewable energy, and overall liveability and satisfaction.

The architect of Green Lighthouse in Copenhagen, Michael Christensen, explains how the building design alone can eliminate 70 percent of the energy use. Edited package contains interview with the three architects of Model Homes in England, Austria and Denmark and with VELUX project director.

Source: Velux on


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