NEW YORK, NY – Jan. 9, 2018 – Eco Brooklyn Living Walls is for NYC. They are an innovative green contracting and design firm. As well, they are based in Brooklyn with a mission to Green New York City. To inspire more people to create natural environments. Ones that are healthy, happy, and beautiful. So Eco Brooklyn Founder Gennaro Brooks-Church has covered the facade of his brownstone showhouse with a living wall.
Eco Brooklyn Living Walls Founder

Firstly, with a turtle sanctuary and pond in its front yard. This Showhouse is already a neighborhood attraction.

“All day, people take photos, ask questions, and share their gratitude for this slice of ecology in the city. It’s about an emotional connection to nature. I’m honored to bring this public display to families as they roam the streets together.

Eco Brooklyn Living Walls front

Innovative Green Contracting started in time for the holidays, and we will likely host the only year-round natitivy-like scene,” said Brooks-Church.

Eco Brooklyn Living Walls Example

First off, they are now A Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation, also boasts a stream on its green roof, natural-water swimming pool in the backyard, two-story treehouse built from salvaged wood salvaged, and multiple interior living walls.
“Planting a living wall is like painting,” said Brooks-Church. “I love the creative process of designing patterns and picking plants and textures that work in this environment, making it a living work of art. It’s the first townhouse facade covered by a living wall in the United States. Hopefully, this will be the first of many and, like so many things, it started in Brooklyn.”

The living wall is not only beautiful, but there are benefits to having one on the facade of your home.

Furthermore and in the winter, plants help insulate a building. Therefore keeping the property warm and decreasing the cost of heat. As well then and in the summer, greenery reverse-insulates. This making a home cooler and reducing the cost of air conditioning.

Eco Brooklyn Living Walls Living roof

So bottom line folks! If everyone used green walls for facades, they would make a strong environmental impact, more living walls would make cleaner air, lower summer temperatures, and less rainwater runoff going into the sewer systems – a big problem for many cities.”

Cause in NYC where land is limited and costly, where else can you build but up? Plus until now, we haven’t been able to build a living wall. Especially in this climate that survives year-round.

Best part is this version from Eco Brooklyn Living Walls and after one month of building. This living wall construction, design, and planting are ready.

Eco Brooklyn Living Walls Living roof

To start, the wall contains an array of plants. Which are from shrubs like rhododendrons, jazz hands, brass buckle and sprinter boxwood. Let’s not forget perennials such as autumn fern, heuchera black pearl, liriope, and green carpet, among others. Amazingly, Coconut fiber with a binder is what Brooks-Church used for the growing media.

Best part is the structure is food-safe! Yes folks, meaning edible plants can be grown. Ergo not weather-dependent and watered with drip irrigation.

All are welcome to view the Eco Brooklyn living wall facade at 22 2nd Street, Brooklyn NY.
The media may email to set up an appointment for a tour or interview.


Eco Brooklyn, Inc. is an innovative green contracting and design firm in Brooklyn with one simple focus: to turn New York green! We do this by re-creating natural environments that are healthy and happy. Finally, Eco Brooklyn’s background is in green real estate, development, renovation, and sustainable energy. Led by Green Builder Gennaro Brooks-Church, Eco Brooklyn is passionate about using ancient and new technologies to increase the quality of living while reducing costs and benefiting the environment. Attention is put on using salvaged, sustainable and local materials and combining them with the newest technologies. Eco Brooklyn has training and certifications with the National Association of Green Builders, Passive House Consultant and Tradesperson, and LEED AP. Learn more at, and engage on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

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